New park home designs

Designed to be different but 100% a residential park home

The first new design is the Thatcham model. Slightly wider than most at 4.25m and 12m long. This home is a million miles away from being a mobile home. It is a quality home from top to bottom.

Two bedrooms with two bathrooms and the master bathroom has a suite EFECT ™ system

As with all custom built park homes the finished home will be as the customer wants it. There will never be two park homes the same if they are custom built. We design homes for every kind of plot.

The Eton model for example has a centre lounge and this home was designed with Corrales Park in mind. The park has wall to wall views all along the length of the home. That meant a bedroom at each end was ideal

The home is the same size as the Sandringham 2019 model 12.5 x 4 and again the master bedroom uses the full width of the home. With a bedroom each end you also have a lot of privacy when having guests.

The Eton is ideal if you add a 3m x 12m decking area running the full length of the home. There is a plot on Park Corrales that is ideal for this model.

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