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The coming together of two very different businesses has been hugely successful on Park La Posada near the city of Malaga on the Costa del Sol. It is a 5* residential park that is represented by Costa Difference Ltd.

On seeing the need for quality park homes to be built in Spain Alhambra homes in Alicante were chosen to build their design of UK style park homes.

Park La Posada now has a good selection of custom built park homes designed by the owners. They also have the Ascot, Windsor, Sandringham and Solero models on the park.

Park La Posada is the only park in Spain that has all the Alhambra park home models on the park. Quality homes just adds to the quality of the park.

Over the years the working relationship between the Costa Difference designers and the Alhambra homes production team has meant that the park home models coming out of the production hall have got better and better.


So what makes the Alhambra model park homes so special? In a word insulation. That magic ingredient means the homes are cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and quieter when it is raining hard. Not so in a standard UK manufactured holiday home.

The designs of the homes are very British and again it is thanks to Kaye and the team for adding the finishing touches inside. Every park home will be different even if the same floor plan was used. We are designing new park homes all the time such as the Thatcham and Eton models.

Now to something that makes the custom build service ideal. You can buy a park home unfurnished which means you can design the home around the quality furniture that you might already have. Transporting furniture from the UK to Spain costs around £80 m3 which means you no longer need to sell off your furniture in the UK.

You also have the option of choosing your new furniture here in Spain also. You simply buy your park home with a fitted kitchen and bathroom and then furnish the home as you want.


Because you have two very different companies working together the ideas on how to change things around flow all the time. One company looking at your park home project from the design perspective and the other from the build perspective.

The design teams and the build teams have regular meetings at the factory in Alicante. It was following one such meeting that the “Suite EFECT™” system was put together and the Solero model was the first park home to use that system. It replaces the old style “Jack and Jill” two door system in bathrooms. With Suite EFECT™  you only lock one door.

We say that Alhambra Park Homes is a collaboration between two companies but that is not strictly true. In many cases the client joins in as they go about designing their own homes and to a great effect. Once client designed their home to have internal sliding doors in every room. Another client designed a huge one bedroom home and then had a “Pod” fitted on the side. These are the clients ideas, we simply make them happen.


The real success of the partnership is in the finished product. It is built to park home standards following the clients chosen design. Inside however the designers work with the clients so that they have every room just as they want it. Because each wall is a solid internal wall you can have them in any colour you choose and there are lots of colours to choose from.

The internal designs include curtains and bedding which means there are never two park homes built by Alhambra the same. Each home is different down to what the client wants or the designers have chosen in the case of show homes.

To find out more about the custom built park home concept why not check out the first video on this page but make sure you have the speakers turned on and the volume up a little. Moira will explain everything in more detail.

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