Custom Built Park Homes

What do you get when you combine the design talents of a UK mobile home company with the build quality of a Spanish park home manufacturer? You get models such as the Ascot, the Windsor, the Sandringham and the Solero. All models can be customised to your requirements.

The UK company is Costa Difference Ltd based on the Costa del Sol and the custom park home manufacturer is Alhambra homes based in Alicante. Together they form the team Alhambra Park Homes. The video below shows the whole process.

What makes these park homes so special is that they can be customised in any way you wish. They are custom built to your design. You choose the size of the home and the style of the home and we will make it happen.

Each custom built park lodge home takes nine weeks to build.

Visit the factory:

Through Costa Difference Ltd or through this website using the contact form you can arrange a visit to the factory. There you will see the build processes as well as the quality of the materials used in the build process. Real wooden internal doors, real tiles inside and out as well as quality double glazed windows and doors.

Custom built park homes in Spain image 2507191600

At the factory the build process will be fully explained and you will hear the word “insulation” quite a few times. That is what sets the custom built park homes apart from UK mobile homes. The park home is a very solid structure with all external/internal walls built with insulation honeycombed within the structure.

You will not see any joins in any of the walls or plastic joining strips. There is no need for them in an Alhambra park home. The chassis is also different because it is designed to take a home up to sixteen tons with most park homes weighing in at 12 tons. Compare that to a UK mobile home which weighs between 6 and 8 tons.

Custom designed for you:

When we say you can custom design any model to suit your needs we really mean it. You first decide how big you want your park home built. This can be done before visiting the factory in Alicante. Our designers can send you some ideas so that you will have a good idea what you can do with the plans. It is not just about choosing colours.

Each joining wall is custom built which means you can move walls around as well as windows. The flooring is also special with lots of options once the insulated layer has been installed.

If a model is designed from scratch you the owner get to name the model. It becomes your home and your model. A classic example is the “Altricia” which is a superb 13m x 4m park home. It is also the first park home in Spain to have a “Pod” side extention fitted giving the home an extra 12 m2.

The owners had reserved the perfect plot on Park La Posada and set about making the most of it with their home. One visit to the factory was all it took.

The Altricia park home in Spain image 2507191718

To get more information about the models on offer or the custom build options you can either use the contact us form at the top of the page or call 0800 7723980 in the UK or 0044 117 318 2188 from outside the UK.

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